These 5 Minor Symptoms & Signs Indicate That Something Is Majorly Wrong With Your Health & Body!

These 5 Minor Symptoms & Signs Indicate That Something Is Majorly Wrong With Your Health & Body!

We often disregard or ignore many minor symptoms that appear on our body. These signs can indicate serious health problems although is easy to dismiss something tiny as unimportant.

It is highly recommended to visit your physician in case you have noticed any of the symptoms that we will present you below.


Bloody Nose

IF you have frequent bloody nose (three times a week), it may indicate allergy or it can be a result of low humidity only in winter. Nasal tumor (rarely) or Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome are related with persistent bloody nose.

In this case we have formation of abnormal blood vessels where additionally will result in a tendency for bleeding. Liver enlargement, anemia, and heart failure may occur if you have recurrent nose bleeds.

Decreased Skin Turgor or “Slow Skin Pinch”

You can detect serious health problem with the following simple test. You only have to pinch the skin on the back of the hand, so everything would be ok if it quickly returns to normal. But something more serious could be going on if it’s taking longer period to go back to normal, known as a condition calleddecreased skin turgor.

Late symbol of dehydration is decreased skin turgor which is actually more common than we are aware of.  We usually eat when we should drink because we often mistake the signals for hunger and thirst. So have a glass of water first every time you feel hungry. Have a snack if you are still hungry after 15 min later.

Extreme weight loss and diabetes are other conditions leading to decreased skin turgor.

Easy Bruising

Broken blood vessels under your skin usually cause bruises. If your skin is not prone tight pressure and bruising, it could be sign for leukemia. People who suffer from leukemia do not have the ability to produce enough platelets to plug bleeding blood vessels.


Headaches can be caused by many factors. From dehydration, stress, allergies to oversensitivity to certain stress. But when we talk about chronic headaches we have totally different situation because they can be sign for more serious health issues.

Chronic headaches are sufficient reason to visit your doctor because they can indicate a higher risk of stroke. It is extremely important to get checked the history of stroke runs in your family.

Brain tumor and meningitis can also cause chronic headaches.

Irregular Freckles

Change in shape, sudden elevation and any changes on your freckles can be indicator of skin cancer. Be careful of new moles because they can also be symbol of melanoma. In such case, biopsy is the most relevant test.


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