Unbelievably: We Boil Spaghetti In a Wrong Way Our Entire Life

Unbelievably: We Boil Spaghetti In a Wrong Way Our Entire Life

When someone mentions spaghetti, Italy is the first thing that pops on our mind. As a matter of fact spaghetti is one of the most popular dishes worldwide, and Italians in particular pride themselves on preparing this delicious meal. The most widely accepted manner to prepare spaghetti is to take a deep pot, fill it with cold water, and bring it to boil. Adding a pinch of salt is often recommended, as it is believed that it helps the water boil faster. This trick is given for both spaghetti and pasta in general.

Once the water reaches its boiling point, you add the spaghetti noodles.  Stir well in order to separate the noodles and makes sure the entire length of the pasta is covered. Many people recommended using a fork for this process, as it ensures fully separation of the spaghetti themselves. Then you stir regularly in order to avoid sticking to the pan and sticking the pasta in a big clump.

The above explained manner of cooking spaghetti is widely accepted. However, it turns out that we have been doing it wrong for years. The process described above should be replaced with another way of cooking which makes the whole process faster and it also provides a great liquid for other cooking and sauces.

The first step is taking a frying pan. Even though it sounds very unusual, using frying pan instead of a deep pot is very effective. Then, add the spaghetti noodles. As you can see, you add the spaghetti first, instead of the water which comes first in the aforementioned process.

Then, you pour a quart of water over the noodles. The water should be cold.  This is another thing which differentiates the initial process and this one, as the water in the widely known manner is not cold. The cold water is used in order to prevent spaghetti from sticking to each other. Using a quart and a half of water only is notably less than the typical amount we use for cooking spaghetti.  The reason for using lesser amount of water is very simple- you use a frying pan instead of a deep pot.


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