Natural Teeth Whitening With Just One Ingredient (3-Minute Recipe)

Natural Teeth Whitening With Just One Ingredient (3-Minute Recipe)

Apple cider is made from fermented apples and it is high with pectin and minerals which are very beneficial for our body. That is why apple cider is respected highly all around the world and has been used for many treatments long ago before modern medicine. Anyway it can also be used for teeth whitening and is very effective

   Why is apple cider vinegar beneficial for teeth whitening?

It is a powerful cleaning agent in balancing the pH value. Apple cider is effective in cleaning all the stains from teeth and very beneficial for those who are troubled with gum diseases caused by bacteria in our mouths.

The way you should do it is simply to dilute half a teaspoon of apple cider in a cup of water and pour it some container or bottle. In the morning wash your mouth with it and brush your teeth as usual after. Repeat this every day and you’ll see the results for yourself.

Useful tips

  1. Before using always shake the bottle in order to mix the essential ingredients that usually fall down the bottom.
  2. Always dilute the apple cider with water because its acidity may cause harm to your teeth enamel.
  3. Be cautious with this treatment by not doing it too often, at least once a day in order to protect your enamel.

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