You’ll need a minute for this story, and it will change your life!

You’ll need a minute for this story, and it will change your life!

It will take you a minute to read this, but I hope that it will inspire you to change your mindset.

Two men seriously ill shared a hospital room. One man had to sit on the bed every day an hour to try to discharge his lungs of fluid. His bed was next to the window. The other man had to lie all the time. They made friendship talking about life, family, childhood, work…


Every afternoon, when the man was sitting by the window, he was telling to his roommate what he sees through the window. A man who always had to lie began to live for those moments when his world was enriched by all the descriptions of things that are happening outside.

Outside the window, could be seen a park with a beautiful lake. The swans were swimming in the lake while the children were playing near the water. Couples were walking hand in hand. Flowers in the park were beautiful, and in the distance you can see the city. As the man by the window described all the details, the other man closed his eyes and enjoyed the scenes. One afternoon the man by the window described a parade that passed by the hospital. Although not able to hear sounds they could imagine the joy.

Days and months passed. The man who had to lie became jealous of his roommate and wanted him to get a window seat so he would see the beauty of which he had heard. In his desperate desire decided to poison the man by the window. One morning, the nurse came into the room and saw the lifeless body of a man by the window. The body was taken away and soon after that another man had asked him to move his bed by the window. The nurse accepted, settled him and left him alone.

Slowly and with great effort, he got up to look at the scene through the window. But all he saw was just a wall. He asked the nurse what she thought why the other man described such beautiful scenery. The nurse responded that the other man was blind and could not even see the wall.

She said: “Maybe he just wanted to encourage you and make you happy”

It is a great happiness in this to make a happy, no matter in what situation. When we share the grief half is easier, but when we share happiness half is higher. If you want to feel rich, count all the things you have, and the money cannot buy. Do not be jealous of other people, but live your life. Share happiness and be happy. Otherwise you will find yourself bitter and alone in front of the wall


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