Keep Your House Warm In The Winter Without Spending Money!

Keep Your House Warm In The Winter Without Spending Money!

This winter has truly been a trying one. What with all the snow, below freezing temperatures and icy conditions, we all can’t wait until that summer sun finally comes our way. Unfortunately, summer is still a long way off, and when it comes to dealing with the cold of winter for a while longer, we can use all the help we can get. Take a look at some excellent money-saving ideas and hacks for combatting winter from The Savings Experiment:



- To quickly dry your shoes wet by rain and snow, you can just fill them with newspaper. You may have to replace the newspaper a second time if the shoes are wet. This really works!

- If cold air enters through the space under your door, you can use a foam tube you will easily find at your local hardware store. Simply cut the tube in half lengthwise and insert it under the entire width of the door. Easy !

- To insulate your windows all you need is to bubble wrap. Measure the width of your window and cut a piece of the same width in the bubble wrap. It now just spray water on your window then press the bubble wrap against the tiles. It will stick like magic! and you will keep warm air in and you will be isolated from the cold outside air. This should last all season.

- Another problem that all drivers meet during the winter is the fogged windshield. Apply shaving cream on a clean cloth and wipe your windshield with. This will keep the bright and not fogged for a while.

- Do not let winter deter you take your bike. To keep your tire pressure


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