Mother Gives Birth To 17 Babies At Once In USA

Mother Gives Birth To 17 Babies At Once In USA

Well, getting pregnant and giving birth to the babies is the wish of every women and having the children like 1-2 is normal these days. But what if you hear that a woman has gave birth to the 17 kids at one time is really surprising news because all the kids are boys.

“Catherine bridges” is the female who gave birth to the 17 kids at one time. She is the once who simply broke the world record of giving birth to the 17 babies at one time. She and her husband had been trying to have a child for many years and at last they decided to go for the medical assistance from a fertility clinic.


The insemination processes was definitely successful and guess what the couple got an entire litter of seventeen beautiful and identical boys.

This couple is really surprised from the fact that they become the parents of the seventeen identical boys. Well, as they have been trying for the child since years so this can be the bumper surprise for them as well and for the whole world as well. They have made the new world record. The doctor who was dealing with the delivery of the female was surprise that the babies were kept coming and coming and coming and coming…and he was about to get the nightmare about this day for a long time! Well we all wishes the good luck to the kids as well as to their parents.


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