Pay attention Microwave in Their Homes – Death Machine in Your Kitchen

Pay attention Microwave in Their Homes – Death Machine in Your Kitchen

If you are one of the many people who have a microwave in their homes, you should know that you should throw it away without feeling sorry for it. You probably wonder what the reason behind it is. The reason is pretty scary – microwave ovens kill people all over the world.

Microwave ovens were banned as a result of the great number of scientific studies that have shown their incredibly bad effects. People are the unhealthiest mammals on the planet, and this is a fact, as they do not consume food, but pure poison.


We know that almost every home has microwave oven. This is because people do not know how harmful it is. It is an instrument that turns a perfectly healthy piece of raw food, rich in vitamins and natural ingredient, into a totally bare ingredient with no nutritional value whatsoever. Moreover, the microwave oven irradiates the food. So, as much as people think that they consume food abundant in vitamins, they actually consume the exact opposite. The nutritive value of people’s food is annulled, and they consume something that is not even a food.

Microwave ovens emit radiation and people should not be close to them when they are turned on, as this radiation is radioactive and can lead to many diseases, like cysts and tumors.

We are all witnesses of the results and the effects the microwave oven and its mass distribution has: epidemics of heart diseases, diabetes, liver problems, kidney problems, cancer, depression and so on. These diseases are the result of obesity and exposure to toxic chemicals found in the irradiated food. The microwave oven will make sure that you become obese and exposed to toxic chemicals, only by your eating of this processed food that comes from it. This food is gotten by radiation, and this fact is often neglected by people.

Foods processed by the microwave oven lose 60-90 percent of their vital-energetic field and their structural decomposition is accelerated by the microwave oven.

Microwave ovens generate carcinogens in the milk and in the cereals the basic ingredients of the food are being degraded by the microwave oven and this leads to digestive problems.

Microwave ovens alter the chemistry of the food and cause issues in the lymphatic system and collapse in the ability of the body to protect itself from cancers and tumors food processed in the microwave oven can cause an increased number of carcinogenic cells in the blood.

Microwave ovens alter the decomposition of the basic ingredients when the raw, the cooked or the frozen vegetables are being exposed to it, no matter how short the time of exposure is; free radicals are still being created even if the time of exposure is short.

Consuming food that has been processed in the microwave oven can cause gastric and intestinal carcinogenic tumors, common degeneration of the peripheral tissue and the tissue of the cells, decomposition of the digestive and the secrete composition in a statistically high percent in people.


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