5 Effective ways to lose weight from arms in a week

5 Effective ways to lose weight from arms in a week

As we all know that slim and well-shaped arms always add to your image and always make you feel comfortable and look good. This problem is not only faced by women but also the male gender. While women want toned and slim arms, men always crave for muscular arms.This is all possible by some daily home exercises that you can do in your free time. These exercise not only slim up and burn fat of your arms but also give them a better and attractive shape.


Back dips.

As it is said that the triceps are the most important part that the arm comprises of working on them is also important to get a well-toned arm. All you have to do is take a chair or a sofa about 2 feet high and face yourself oppositely while your hands are on the chair. After moving 3-4 steps away from the furniture with your hands still on it, you have to go down and again rise up and repeat this for about 20 times.


We all know about pushups, but we never take it seriously. The matter of fact is it is also one of the best exercises to get well-toned arms. You have to lean facing on the ground. Use your hands to raise your body and again go down. While doing this, your legs should be static and hips should be in line with your legs.


One of the most effective and fun exercises is this, and you will love doing it. This is easy and simple. Raise your arms laterally and bring them in front. Remember that your left arm should overlap the other and vice versa. This is similar to the working of a scissor.

Arm circle.

This is an another easy exercise with lots of good with it. Raising your arms and rotating them laterally in 360 degrees is all you have to do. The more you do it, the more benefits you get out of it.

Half moon rotation

No matter intensive work out gives you benefits but sometimes doing a light workout is also beneficial. In this, you have to work with your wrists. First, you have to stand straight with your arms laterally raised. Initially, your fingers are pointing towards the floor and thumb in front. Then gradually move your thumb backwards till your fingers face the ceiling. Repeat this several times for full stretch to get best out of it.

source: healthyfood-fitnessteam.com

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