How This Family Healed Their Cavities By Not Using Toothpaste

How This Family Healed Their Cavities By Not Using Toothpaste

For over a year, this family has been looking for more natural choices which can be used in their household and more natural options concerning their health care. They believed that by using a brand of natural toothpaste, they have solved the problem. However, they realized that even the natural toothpaste had fluoride, sweeteners and glycerin, things this family wanted to keep away from. Soon afterwards, they looked various holistic approaches to tooth care and learned that what we eat has the same effect on our teeth as the matter we use to scrub them. They read about people who don’t use tooth paste and so they decided to try this and wash their teeth just with water instead.


What is oil pulling?

Coconut oil is antibacterial and when left in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes it can remove toxins that are in your mouth. Members of this family replaced tooth paste with oil pulling and their teeth are healthier than ever. A member of this family had a cavity, and he started oil pulling every morning. He noticed that the pain he felt soothed in just three days. After oil pulling for a month, his tooth cavity totally disappeared.  It seems that regeneration of teeth is possible and rather simple. What causes the tooth decay is deficiency of nutrients and not bacteria. Tooth decay would not worsen as time goes by if flossing, brushing, mass fluoridation campaign or dental surgery were successful in preventing the tooth decay. What you can do to prevent tooth decay is have a healthy nutrition. Consuming raw milk, whole foods, good fat, properly prepared vegetables and grains and tasty meats can make your teeth stronger. So, you can take proper tooth care by proper nutrition and oil pulling.

How to oil pull using coconut oil?

Take 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and put it in your mouth. Hold or chew the oil in your mouth until it becomes liquid and molten.  Start to swish, and pull the oil through all your teeth. Swish for about twenty minutes and spit out the oil when you have finished.

Whydoes oil pulling work?

The teeth are porous, and if a healthy nutrition is existing in your diet they bring good nutrients to the outer enamel, otherwise they suck toxins into the teeth. The reason that coconut oil is believed to be good is that it is antibacterial and it reverses the toxins flow thus removing bacteria from the teeth.

Where to purchase good coconut oil?

Any type of virgin, cols-pressed and organic coconut oil will be suitable for oil pulling. If it smells like coconut, it means that it hasn’t been processed and contains the natural coconut ingredients. Nevertheless, oil pulling is just one way of taking care for your teeth. You need to have a healthy and balanced nutrition as well.


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