80% Of Heart Attacks Could Be Avoided If Everyone Did These 5 Easy Things

80% Of Heart Attacks Could Be Avoided If Everyone Did These 5 Easy Things

The number of people who die from heart diseases on a yearly basis is one million. The most common heart disease is the coronary artery disease, which leads to a heart attack. The worst thing is that most of the people who experience these heart attacks do not have warning signs or symptoms.

Heart attack is a consequence of a blockage of a part of the heart. The plaque accumulated in the arteries actually stimulates it, as it may break and create a blood clot that becomes an obstacle for the blood flow.

If this obstacle is not quickly removed, it triggers dying off of a part of the heart muscle which needs to be replaced with scar tissue. The consequences may be horrible.

Do these lifestyle changes and prevent a heart attack:

Heart attacks trigger both physical and emotional pain, as well as disability. The good news is that they can be prevented. If we want to prevent them, we need to introduce certain changes to our lifestyle and thus reduce the risk of heart diseases in general.

The changes should apply to the following lifestyle habits:

  • be physically active
  • eat healthy
  • consume alcohol in moderate amounts only
  • maintain a healthy waist circumference
  • quit smoking

Is it better to eat more fruit for your heart?

Studies have shown that eating more fruit reduces the risk of heart diseases. Fruits are abundant in nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and so on, which keep the heart healthy and have anti-inflammatory features.

Nevertheless, eating too much fruit is not that good for the heart, especially when it comes to sweeter fruits. Fruits with bitter, sour, or astringent taste are actually the best choice and the best phytonutrients, which are usually found in the skin and the seeds.

Strategies to Follow In Order to Avoid a Heart Attack

If you want to reduce the risk of developing a heart disease and protect your heart, then you should follow some good strategy. But, make sure you start with that strategy now, before you start noticing some symptoms of heart disease. Waiting for these symptoms to occur so that you start a healthy strategy is very dangerous, as it is usually too late.

  • Eat unprocessed saturated animal fats if you want to benefit from fats. Make sure the fats you consume are healthy ones
  • Do not eat sugars, especially if you are insulin and leptin resistant. You should especially avoid processed fructose and grains, as a diet high in sugar can cause insulin and leptin resistance, one of the major causes of heart diseases
  • Try to eat organic food and be physically active
  • Walk a lot, at least 10 000 steps a day and avoid sitting for too long
  • Try not to use pills for reduction of cholesterol levels, like statins, as they cause side effects and have questionable quality and benefits
  • Make sure you take in enough vitamin D, whether it is through exposure to sun, tanning beds, or through oral supplementation
  • Walk barefoot as often you can, as this way you provide conveying of free electrons from the earth into your body. This is considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidant effects
  • Try to handle the everyday stress

source: non-stophealthy.com

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