8 Anti-Aging Secrets That You Need to Steal From Asian Women

8 Anti-Aging Secrets That You Need to Steal From Asian Women

You probably have noticed that the Asian women look much younger than their actual age. Their secret for the slim body and aging graciously is the way of life and the diet. Now you will read about 8 tips which will inspire you:

1.Drink a lot of green tea. Green tea has many health benefits and it is necessary in every diet because it is full with antioxidants and metabolism-enhancing characteristics together with many other benefits.


2.Soy is a huge part of their diets. They consume soy-based proteins for centuries. They eat miso, tofu, edamamae and soy sauce as addition in their diet.

3.Get moving. Don’t use your car or the public transport too much. Walk more on a daily basis and make it a healthy habit which will allow you to have slim waistline.

4.The sun is not a friend. They often use umbrellas and wear hats which protect the face from the harmful UV rays during the sunny days. They are entirely religious about skincare and sunscreen, thought it could be a bit more conscious than necessary for some. The sun promotes the aging and skin cancer if you don’t take some steps to protect from it.

5.Just fresh fruit for dessert. They eat only fresh fruits for dessert, which is not the case with the women from the West. Their desserts are all fruit, nut or tofu based. It rapidly decreases your caloric intake, though sometimes they too eat a piece of cake, but in moderate amounts.

6.They love ginger. They combine it with tea, soups and any other foods. It improves the circulation, the immune system and is considered as an aphrodisiac.

7.Their dairy intake is reduced to minimum. The diary is very rare in the standard Asian diet. There are many factors why they avoid this type of food. One of the reasons is that the milk is capable to transform 100-pound baby calf to a full-blown 1,000-pound adult cow.

8.Chinese medicine teaches them to heal from inside. The Chinese medicine teaches them that the health must be improved from the inside, which is not the case with the western medicine which normally gives an immediate cure with pharmaceutical medicines. They usually decide to heal themselves internally with soups and medicine, while avoiding the medicines that disguise the issue and mask the symptoms. The state of mind is also very important factor in their health. They listen and look after their body very often.

source: healthylifevision.com

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