She Let Her Friend Kiss Her Baby, Days Later She Found Out A Mom’s Worst Nightmare

She Let Her Friend Kiss Her Baby, Days Later She Found Out A Mom’s Worst Nightmare

While spending some time with her friend, a young mom was overjoyed that the person had so much fun with the baby. They were playing with the infant and even giving the boy kisses.

But after the encounter, Amy Stinton, noticed that the 14-month-old started developing a disturbing rash. She took him to the doctor thinking it was just chickenpox. However, she later learned that her boy had contracted a disgusting disease that he will never be able to fully recover from.


 And it all happened because she let her friend kiss her baby boy…

When her friends were kissing baby Oliver, Amy didn’t think twice about it. She was happy that the little child was getting love from so many adults as she knew this would help him grow up into a healthy adult.

But her whole world was flipped upside down when a single smooch session, left this UK baby with a terrible problem that will plague him for the rest of his life.

After hearing the tragic news from her doctor, Amy went on social media to warn other parents.
Oliver’s red rash grew into bumps which then swelled into painful sores. After taking him to the pediatrician, the diagnosis came back as herpes.

With that tragic news, Amy remembered that one of the people kissing her baby had had a cold sore on their mouth. With a simple kiss, the adult passed on a disease that the baby will suffer from for life.

To make the situation worse, if Amy hadn’t hurried him to the doctor when she did, he would have ended up in the ICU or have perhaps even died.


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