Daughter and Whole Foods store clerk share an emotional moment at smoothie bar

Daughter and Whole Foods store clerk share an emotional moment at smoothie bar

Amanda Sullivan, a disabled athlete posted recently on Facebook about an experience at Whole Foods she’ll never forget. She stopped by Whole Foods to get her mom something that would cheer her up, a banana smoothie. Amanda’s mom has pancreatic cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. While she is undergoing chemotherapy, she’s not supposed to have cold beverages. When Amanda remembered this fact, she tried to cancel her order. She told the Whole Foods employee, Natasha Barnes, about her mom’s chemo and Natasha kindly obliged.

Then Natasha suggested an excellent alternative: A room temperature banana smoothie made with almond milk.
Natasha understood Sullivan’s desire to get her ailing loved one a little something special on a personal level—her god daughter who died of cancer at 12 used to love her smoothies that way. Natasha also has two other relatives who are currently battling cancer. Natasha then told Amanda that the prevalence of cancer in her family is one of the major reasons she works at Whole Food—she wants to help other people learn how to be healthy and stay healthy

As Natasha told Amanda about natural remedies that would help her mom feel better, Amanda, who had come into the store stressed, began to feel her spirits lift. When Amanda was about to leave, she thanked Natasha for all her helpful advice. Then, Natasha told her to wait. Natasha came off from behind the counter and gave Amanda a much needed hug. Amanda said Natasha’s thoughtfulness restored her faith in humanity.
“We constantly hear about all the negative aspects of society in the news,” she wrote in her post. “It's easy to go about your day feeling alone and smothered in problems. And, then, you come across someone, like Natasha Barnes, at Whole Foods in Madison, NJ and you realize that there are truly good-hearted, beautiful people who care, all around us.”


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