The Blind Woman Who Predicted 9/11 And The Rise Of Isis Has Some Very Bad News About Donald Trump

The Blind Woman Who Predicted 9/11 And The Rise Of Isis Has Some Very Bad News About Donald Trump

It’s the 21st century and a considerable measure of us don’t discover “expectations” the most ideal approach to comprehend what the future will bring us. In any case, the individuals who put stock in the force of foreknowledge, know, that things do work out as expected.

Baba Vanga, who’s normally known as ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’, likewise anticipated Obama’s triumph.

She said that the 44th American President would be an African American – likewise making the chilling case that he would be the ‘last U.S. president’.LAST US PRESIDENT?


The woman had a background marked by getting the majority of her prophetic forecasts right. She had a 85% exactness rate, which she demonstrated with more than 100 expectations that she made before passing on in 1996.

Her expectations incorporate environmental change and the grave an unnatural weather change challenges.

She said, “cool districts will turn out to be warm … and volcanoes will stir”

She additionally anticipated the tidal wave, saying that a ‘tremendous wave’ would slide on a “major drift, covering individuals and towns and [causing] everything to vanish under the water”.

In 1989, she cautioned that the ‘American brethren’ will be assaulted by ‘two steel feathered creatures’, a conceivable reference to the Twin Tower assaults in 2001.

Most deadly of all, she cautioned everybody about ISIS, saying that a gathering of Muslim radicals would attack Europe by 2016, predicting an ‘extraordinary Muslim war’ that would be kick-begun by the Arab Spring in 2010 and play out in Syria, in the end bringing about the foundation of a caliphate by 2043 with Rome at the middle.

What’s more, now, she has everybody’s consideration with her prediction about Trump.

She likewise said that the 2016 attack by Muslim radicals’ crosswise over Europe would mean the landmass would ‘stop to exist’ before the year’s over.


Does that terrify you?


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