New scam at petrol stations, be vigilant !!

New scam at petrol stations, be vigilant !!

A new scam is brewing at service stations and it's a scam easy enough to detect!

Indeed, the thieves patiently park at a busy gas station and exchange the two pipes. They take the pump gun on their side and put it on the pump on the other side.

So when people pay at the pump with their credit card, they see that the amount goes up, but the liters do not go in their car! Indeed, gasoline is found in the vehicle of thieves. Proof that it is not only the oil companies that steal you when you fill up!

 It is very easy to detect this scam, you just have to notice the pressure when you press the gun. Also, check before refueling that your gun is properly connected to your pump.

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Source: LikeMag

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