WARNING: If your hands are cold all the time, your health runs a risk

WARNING: If your hands are cold all the time, your health runs a risk

Here are the 10 major risks that threaten your health if your hands remain cold all the time:

1. Raynaud's Disease: This disease is guilty of unbalancing the blood supply to certain parts of the body, usually at the level of the fingers and toes. Indeed, blood vessels in the fingers, feet, sometimes the ears and nose narrow as a result of decreased temperature or a great emotional stress. This results in white or even blue fingers due to insufficient blood supply.



2. Abusive medication: There are many drugs that compress blood vessels, especially arteries. In this case, the side effect is often Raynaud's syndrome.

3. Autoimmune Diseases: An autoimmune disease is a disorder in which the immune system attacks its own tissues due to an inappropriate immune response of the body within certain substances. It is a serious illness and is identified from symptoms such as those of Raynaud's disease. Consult your doctor for additional tests.

4. Hypothyroidism: Cold hands are a frequent symptom of a possible dysfunction of the thyroid gland. In fact, this gland acts as a thermostat inside the body. The coldness of the hands indicates a thyroid disorder that causes symptoms such as fatigue, obesity and a feeling of continuous cold.

5. Poor blood circulation: The belief that it is widely believed that poor circulation is the main reason is the most prevalent as the main cause of the coldness of the hands. Poor circulation is seen when blood flow is reduced due to poor pumping of the heart or due to physical obstructions to blood flow due to blockages of cholesterol.

When the balance of blood flow in the body is compromised, it is normal to feel coldness in the hands and feet. Swelling and tingling are also a common symptom, because the hands and feet are connectors of the heart.

6. Stress: Stress can cause many disorders in the body, and cold hands are no exception. When you are under a chronic stress, the body secretes adrenaline which tightens the blood vessels at the extremities and leads to a coldness of the hands and feet.

7. Anemia: Anemia occurs when the body has no red blood cells in sufficient quantity or when the hemoglobin level in the blood is very low. Therefore, the body suffers from insufficient oxygenation, which can cause cold hands. Anemia can occur due to iron deficiency, sudden loss of blood (menstruation in women), ulcers, certain types of cancer, etc.

8. Tobacco: If you do not have good reasons to quit smoking, here is one that will surely convince you: Nicotine and toxins from cigarettes causes recurrent contraction and narrowing of blood vessels.

9. Deficiency of vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12, which is found in red meat, eggs, milk and dairy products, is important for the formation of red blood cells. A deficiency in this vitamin inevitably leads to the coldness of the hands.
This vitamin is generally deficient in vegetarians and vegans, as well as people over 50 years of age. A simple blood test can tell you if you are suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency and if this is the cause of the coldness of your hands.

10. Low blood pressure: Low blood pressure occurs due to dehydration, loss of blood, use of certain medications or endocrine disorders. When blood pressure is low, blood vessels direct blood to all vital organs, including the heart, liver, and the like. Leaving hands and fingers last.
If you suffer from low blood pressure with impaired vision, fatigue, nausea, weakness and confusion, consult your doctor immediately.


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