12 dangerous sleeping habits that you should always avoid!

12 dangerous sleeping habits that you should always avoid!

Here are 12 things you should avoid at night, especially if you are suffering from a lack of sleep.

# 1 Stop drinking before going to bed! If you drink water within 1-2 hours of sleep, you will probably wake up 2-3 times to go to the bathroom.

# 2 Avoid routine to sleep at any time of the day. Make a reliable routine for your bedtime, so that your brain will be prepared accordingly!


# 3 Keep your electronic objects away before sleeping. In case you continue to use Facebook just before you fall asleep, the brightness of your PC screen will fortify your brain and disrupt your rest.

# 4 If you are used to reading at night, you should try to avoid it. You can read your book a bit earlier and then keep it aside. You should never bring your book to bed.

# 5 Avoid using alarm clocks. They will also stimulate your brain and make sleep complicated for you. You can choose the alarm clock with dimmer numbers.

# 6 Use a good mattress!

# 7 Dine not less than 2 hours before going to bed

# 8 Exercise makes you feel fresh and lively. So stop practicing no less than 3 hours before sleep time.

# 9 If your feet are frozen, it will be harder to rest. Try using a heating pad or socks to heat your feet.

# 10 Make your body conscious of night and sleep. Start by having a schedule, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth and wash your face. Your body will prepare to rest.

# 11 Do not drink cappuccino not less than 4 hours before you rest.

# 12 Adopt the best sleeping position. You should try to sleep on the side rather than on your stomach or back


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