The Island Where People Forget to Die – Man with Incurable Lung Cancer Outlived All His Doctors

The Island Where People Forget to Die – Man with Incurable Lung Cancer Outlived All His Doctors

Stamatis Moraitis has died few weeks ago at the age 98 or 102 (he wasn’t exactly sure when was he born). In case you didn’t know, this man was quite popular in the international media because he was living with a diagnosed cancer for 36 years.When the cancer was first discovered he visited nine different doctors and they all predicted that he has 9-12 months to live. According to Mr. Moraitis the reason for his vitality and longevity was the daily consumption of wine he made on his own and consumption of Ikarian products.


 Instead of continuing with the expensive chemo treatment in the USA, he decided to go back to Ikaria and live the remaining months of his life there. He didn’t want to use any medications and he refused chemotherapy.

Even more shocking is the fact that after few years he returned to the US in order to visit the doctors who confirmed the diagnosis, but they were all dead.

According to Moraitis he was living in fear because he expected to die every day. He lived every day as the last day on this world.

Moraitis is not an exception on Ikaria. People living on Ikaria (a small island in Greece) live around 10 years longer compared to the people in Western Europe. There are many reasons and guesses for this. Some say it is because of the fresh air while others believe it’s because of the goat’s milk and fresh vegetables which are consumed here on a daily basis.

According to Stamatis Moraitis there is one particular reason why he and his fellow islanders are living longer – wine. They make this wine on their own and they don’t add any kind of chemicals in it. It’s completely natural. Mr. Moraitis produces about 700 liters of wine every year. Of course, he doesn’t drink all of that wine personally.

This man is not the only one with an interesting story on Ikaria and that’s why the doctors have been visiting this island frequently in the past few years. Icarus the mythical flyer was the inspiration for the name of this island. According to the legend, he fell not far away from this island. This island was a popular destination for decades for people using hot springs.

This island was featured on National Geographic by Dan Buettner an author who is searching for what he calls – blue zones – places where people for some reason live significantly longer than the rest of the population. Besides Ikaria there are only few other places on our planet where people enjoy great longevity – Sardinia in Italy, Okinawa in Japan and Loma Linda in California.


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