Buddhist Scholars Find 200 Year Old Mummy And Say That He May Be Still Alive

Buddhist Scholars Find 200 Year Old Mummy And Say That He May Be Still Alive

Identity revealed of incredible 200-year-old remains found in lotus position amid reports criminal planned selling him for 10 million roubles.
New details have emerged about the identity of a mummified monk whose remains were found in the lotus position in Mongolia.

The Mongolia Morning Newspaper has reported that lead researchers are certain the body is that of a bearded religious man called Tsorzh Sanzhzhav, who lived 200 years ago.


According to experts, he was a disciple of one of the greatest Buddhist teachers that ever lived and had been buried alongside his elder master until being stolen two weeks ago.

It is now believed he was a student of His Holiness Incarnate Ovgon Geser Lama, who is revered in the region and whose grave is visited annually by pilgrims wishing to pray.

His identity was discovered after police paid a visit to the cave high in the mountains of the Arkhangai district of Mongolia and found his mummified body to be missing.

An investigation is under way into the theft and a criminal case is being prepared against a 45-year-old unnamed man, who had planned to smuggle them over the border. Local media reports he wanted to sell them for 300 million tugriks (10 million roubles/£100,000).

Lead researcher Ganhugiyn Purevbat, who is the founder and professor of the Mongolian Institute of Buddhist Art at Ulaanbaatar Buddhist University, said he is certain the remains are those of the great elder lama's disciple.

He said: 'When I first learned about the unusual discovery, I sent people to check in Arkhangai, suspecting that it might be imperishable body of Tsorzh Sanzhzhav, a disciple of Geser Lama. I had hoped that I was mistaken about Sanzhzhav.

'However, the special committee found that the imperishable body and the shrine does belong to Tsorzh Sanzhzhav.'

source: http://siberiantimes.com/other/others/features/f0056-mongolian-mummified-monk-was-disciple-of-one-of-great-buddhist-teachers/ 

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