What 2 Friends Discovered In An Old Picture Was Inexplicable And Freaky

What 2 Friends Discovered In An Old Picture Was Inexplicable And Freaky

Back in 2000, Redditor trogadorable22's sister was at a party around Arrowhead Street in Wheaton, Illinois. She and a friend, who were both still in high school at the time, decided to take a cute picture together to commemorate their night out.Not long after, they had the film developed (as you had to do in the era before smartphones) and thought nothing of it. Two years later trogadorable22's sister was going through old photos and discovered that there was someone or something creepy lurking in the corner of their picture...

 Does anything look out of place to you? Look in the lower right hand corner. Freaky, right?

 trogadorable22's sister and her friends say that the little girl wasn't there when the picture was taken. All of them are around 28 years old now and still maintain their story.

The scary thing is that this photograph seems to follow the family wherever they go.

According to trogadorable22, when the family moved from Chicago to Los Angeles the photo was lost somewhere in the move. Then a few years later the photo resurfaced at their new home, completely intact.
Could she be a demon, or the ghost of a child who left this world too early?

(source: Reddithttp://www.viralnova.com/creepy-ghost-girl/

One thing's for sure: That photo is scary as hell. Just the fact that the child/ghost/demon has red eye terrified me. I thought you had to be looking directly at the camera for there to be red eye... 

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