How to Get a Flat Stomach With Just a Piece of String

How to Get a Flat Stomach With Just a Piece of String

One of the leading physiotherapists has a quite strange but simple method which will help you re-shape your waist. All you need is a thread/ rope and you will eventually get the abs you have always desired.
Sammy Margo says that by tying down a thread around your stomach will subconsciously remind you that you need to tighten your abs and additionally,  

you will improve the holding of your body and get a flatter stomach -

“As physiotherapists we are truly concerned about the people who are completely inactive. The idea of going to the gym two or three times a week is terrible for many people, so we have to find a way to integrate the exercises in the everyday life”.

Sammy advices to drag in your stomach as much as you can and then to relax the muscles for 50%. That is the perfect area to tighten the rope. She also says that apart from this procedure you need to exercise too. However, the rope will help the physically inactive people because it makes the stomach muscles work more active.

“Anything that can make the physically inactive people move their stomach muscles is helpful”- Sammy explains.


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