Over 600 Aborted Fetuses Found In Storage Freezer Of Alabama McDonald’s – Restaurant Closed

Over 600 Aborted Fetuses Found In Storage Freezer Of Alabama McDonald’s – Restaurant Closed

News 8 –  A gruesome discovery has taken place in the basement of a Mobile, Alabama McDonald’s restaurant. Health inspectors found the restaurant was substituting “chicken” with aborted fetuses purchased from the local Planned Parenthood clinic. The Asian owned franchise was said to be producing their own nuggets rather than purchasing them from their ‘corporate approved’ supplier.  

It all began when several customers issued complaints with the Alabama Department of Public Health stating that a foul smell was coming from the back of the restaurant. Other customers complained that the McNuggets tasted rather “gamey” and not like other nuggets from different franchise locations. There were a handful of other complaints concerning the sanitary conditions of the restaurant.

That’s when inspectors stepped in. The investigation led the health agents to a hidden stairwell that took them underneath the building. When they got there, what they found was shocking. “It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen in my 27 year career,” said Lieut. Robert Gaines of the Mobile, Alabama Police Department. “Although they were kept in freezers, the smell was more than I could handle. We recovered over 600 aborted fetuses, as well as body parts. So many body parts, we couldn’t even add up the entire list of additional “whole babies.”

Additionally, authorities have closed down and secured the Planned Parenthood location that these baby fetuses were allegedly purchased. Police are currently staying tightlipped about the entire situation, due to the current investigation surrounding the Planned Parenthood Corporation and the sale of fetuses to bioengineering companies. Authorities have not disclosed whether this incident is connected to the larger scandal currently under investigation.

The Alabama Department of Public Health says they will be performing inspections at all local Alabama McDonald’s to make sure this is not happening at any other McDonald’s franchise in the area.

The Mobile, Alabama McDonald’s currently under investigation has been permanently closed and all licenses revoked, with several charges pending.

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