15 Signs And Symptoms You Might Have Contracted HIV!

15 Signs And Symptoms You Might Have Contracted HIV!

Within a month or two of HIV entering the body, 40-90% of the people experience flu-like symptoms. But sometimes these symptoms do not appear for several years, even a decade after the infection.

Today we are going to present you the most important symptoms and signs that pay indicate HIV:


1. Fever – Permanent mild fever – approx. 102F.

2. Dry Cough – The earliest symptom of HIV.

3. Joint Pain – You suffer from aching and inflamed joints.

4. Fatigue – Fatigue is also one of the earliest signs of HIV

5. Diarrhea and Nausea – In the early stages of HIV, around 40% of the infected suffer from diarrhea.

6. Night Sweat– In the early stages of the infection, 60% experience night sweat.

7. Skin Rash– This symptom is also common in the early stages of HIV.

8. Confusion– Cognitive disorders

9. Yeast Infection– In the later stages of the infection, mouth infection is typical for the infected people.

10. Cold Sores – Genital herpes and cold sores appear in advance stage of the virus.

11. Headaches– Sore throat and headache are also common as an HIV signs.

12. Weakness and Tingling– These symptoms and signs in both feet and hands are recognized in the later stages of the virus.

13. Pneumonia– Weakened immunity may lead to pneumonia infection.

14.Weight Loss– In the advanced stage of HIV, weight loss is common sign.

15. Menstrual Irregularities– In the later stages of HIV, menstrual irregularities, such as lighter and fewer periods are also typical for most of the women.

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