You Only Need To Take This Sleep-Recipe Before Going To Bed To Never Wake Up Groggy Again!

You Only Need To Take This Sleep-Recipe Before Going To Bed To Never Wake Up Groggy Again!

A good night sleep is very important and we are all aware of it but we are getting less and less sleep in recent times. The time of sleep has decreased from 7-8 hours per night to 6-7 hours, in both women and men.

It may not seem like a big deal but it actually makes an enormous difference to the body. The body needs time to rest, recover and recharge in order to keep up with the daily routines and work.


It is of common understanding that a lack of sleep just means feeling weary and foggy next day, but that is not the case, and a cup of hot coffee is not always the best answer.

Health and lack of sleep

Not enough sleep can trigger really serious health problems. A recent study has show that people who sleep less than six hours are at risk of heart disease.

The European Heart Journal released a review in 2011 which consisted of 15 studies and they all found that people who have a lack of sleep have 48% bigger chances of having a heart disease, and 15 percent higher risk of getting a stroke.

Another thing that the study found is that people who sleep 9 or more hours, have 38% bigger risk of getting a heart disease and really high 65% risk of getting a stroke. As in many other things, the balance of sleep is of utmost importance.

Your body uses your sleep to lower your blood pressure and with not enough sleep there may not be time for this and your blood pressure may remain high. This was concluded from another study.

Daily distractions

Our lives today are a constant run and it is getting more difficult for us to have enough sleep. Family problems, work, current events and many other factors that are problems of these generations are causing a lot of stress. The increased use of technology is also affecting our sleep. A lot of sleep aids can be found and bought but they are not natural and can cause dependency. However, there is always a natural solution to every problem.

  1. Sleeping aids that are natural
  2. Cures for insomnia that are natural
  3. Medications for sleep disorder
  4. Natural remedies for sleep
  5. Problems that are common

The best sleep solution

A remedy made of 2 ingredients is the solution if you want to sleep like a baby. It helps your body to relax and to prepare for the next day.

What you need:

  • Five teaspoons of natural honey
  • One teaspoon of pink Himalayan see salt

Take a glass jar and mix the ingredients. The best proportion is 5:1 but you can make as much as you want.

You should put a bit of this under your tongue before going to bed and it dissolves naturally.

Salt and honey

There are 80 minerals and elements which your body needs to recover for the day and they can be found in the Himalayan salt. Glucose which is very important for supplying our body energy is contained in the honey.

When they are mixed, the honey and the salt, help increase serotonin, which helps us release stress more easily and sleep tight. If you want to sleep like a baby, take some of our advice.


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