You Wake Up With a Numb Pain In The Joints? We Have The Right Solution For You

You Wake Up With a Numb Pain In The Joints? We Have The Right Solution For You

The feeling of swollen fingers, numbness, and knee and shoulder joint ache in the morning are the first signs of arthritis and here is how you can significantly lower the pain and maintain your health in a completely natural way.

Chamomile oil

Chamomile is already known as a wondrous plant which can help you with various health problems, but did you know that it can serve as an ingredient for massage oil with which you can remove the joint ache?


Fill one bowl from 1 liter with chamomile flowers and add 1 liter of some vegetable oil (olive oil for example). Leave it for two weeks in a dry and dark place, and then strain it in a glass container. You can use the oil for as long as you want.


Since it mitigates rheumatic ache, you need to have this spice in your kitchen if you suffer from arthritis.

Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a little bit of honey in a mug of lukewarm milk and drink from this beverage every day. However, before you begin to use this healing powder, it is good to consult your physician since turmeric can influence the effect of specific medicaments.


Whether you are going to make tea from it or ground it and use it for compresses, the ginger will offer relief for your aching joints and muscles. What’s more, ibuprofens contain ginger which points out the effectiveness of ginger. Additionally, besides helping you with the arthritis, ginger will solve your gastritis, bad breath, allergies and flatulence problems.


This sour-sweet fruit lowers the pain due to its enzymes, and its intensive dark red color comes from the antioxidants which are known for its healing properties. Moreover, eating 10 to 20 cherries per day or drinking natural cherry juice will ease your mornings and you will wake up without any joint ache. Moreover, if you are a sweets-lover, then you can make a cherry pie and consume it as a snack, instead of pain reliever pills.

Black wine

If you experience knee pain, black wine is the solution for you. Namely, it has been proven that people who drink between 4 to 6 glasses of black wine per week, have 45 percent lesser chance of developing knee arthritis. Of course, the healing secret of the black wine is not in the alcohol, but in the grapes. Therefore, consume this drink cautiously- drink one glass per day at dinner time and you will surely feel the positive effects.


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