7 Uses for Lavender Oil That Will Completely Change Your Life

7 Uses for Lavender Oil That Will Completely Change Your Life

Many people constantly use essential oils and know their significance. They have numerous uses and are beneficial in so many ways.

Here we will be talking about lavender oil and how can you use it in your home by yourselves.



1 lb of lavender oil is made of 170 pounds of plant material. There are even YL farms where you can take part in the planting and harvesting of the lavender. Of all essential oils, lavender is the most mixed one, so that is why it is extremely important for you to know what you are getting. Some lavender oils have different smell than other lavender body care products.


The natural smell of the lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is sweet and floral, and it has refreshing and soothing properties.

Uses for Lavender Essential Oil:

1. It helps the body to relax, and it helps it to adapt to occasional stress

2. Provides you a calm and peaceful night’s sleep. You can spray it all over your bedding before you go to bed and enjoy your restful sleep.

3. It has soothing features and it helps you clean your skin. You can achieve that by adding a drop of lavender oil in your face lotion and then apply it on your face. This is recommendable for healthy skin.

4. The lavender aroma really loosens you up and is excellent for winding down before you go to sleep, so you should add a little to your bath or diffuse it so it would provide a comforting and pleasant atmosphere for you to enjoy.

5. One of the best types of lavender oils is the Swiss Army Knife, it has numerous uses and benefits. You must try it and use it for different purposes and you will be amazed and extremely satisfied.

6. The essential oil made from lavender is great for all parts of your body and you should put it in all of your cosmetic products, such as shampoos, body lotions and other products for skin and hair care.

7. You can add the lavender essential oil to products for your child’s care as well.

Because of the wide span of its uses and benefits, lavender oil should be part of every house and household.

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