Practice This Rice Method Twice A Year, And You Will Be Healthier Than Ever!

Practice This Rice Method Twice A Year, And You Will Be Healthier Than Ever!

Very often people endanger their health with low quality or harmful foods and forget the fact that health and youth will not come back. Moreover, toxins make a landfill out of the organism by preventing the normal rhythm of its functioning, thus destroying the metabolism.

This condition manifests through symptoms such as weakness, sleepiness, confusion, constant colds and general fall of immunity. Therefore, it is important to conduct a cleansing of the body from the toxins.


There are numerous methods of detoxification with the help of rice. One of these methods provides very good results and although it has its nuances and variations, it is very beneficial.


Take as much as spoons of regular rice as your age, wash it well and put it into a glass jar and fill the jar with boiled water, close it and put it in the fridge. In the morning, strain all the water. Take 1 full spoon of rice and cook it for 3 to 4 minutes without salt (in another, regular water). Eat it on an empty stomach, preferably until half past eight in the morning. Cover the rest of the rice with boiled cooled off water and store it in the fridge for the next morning. You need to repeat this procedure until there is no rice left in the jar.

The secret of this method is in the seed of the rice which has a crystal structure. When the seeds are soaked in water, the starch is removed and cells appear. The rice digests in the bowel, not in the stomach and its seeds act as an absorbent.

With the help of this method, the bowel, blood vessels, joints and other body parts are being cleansed from toxins, heavy metals and other harmful material. Moreover, cleansing with rice allows the normalization of the metabolism and regulation of surplus weight. After the treatment you will not only feel healthier, but younger as well. There is one condition however: after taking rice in the morning you need not to eat or drink anything at least for 3 hours.

After conducting this cleansing method, the back, neck and joint pain will disappear. What’s more, the effect from the treatment is not immediate, but gradual. After two weeks the real cleansing begins and you will surely notice it since the toxins will be removed through the urine and stool. The urine color will change, becoming blurrier and you will feel more beautiful and healthy. After a certain period of rice intake, the self cleansing of the organism activates, which will continue on, after a treatment of several months.

Additionally, it is important to intake liquid- minimum 2 liters daily. The best choices are water and green tea.


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