A 113-Year-Old Man Finally Revealed His SECRET: 5 Foods For Living a Healthy and Long Life!

A 113-Year-Old Man Finally Revealed His SECRET: 5 Foods For Living a Healthy and Long Life!


I found a man who lives his 113th year and he looks like he can go for 200 years!

Bernardo LaPallo is the name of this century breaking person.

He was born in 1901.

Yes, he is old but definitely healthier than any of you reading this.

His discipline and desire for living longer is huge.


Do you want to reach his goals?

Bernardo explained that there are many secrets for reaching this age.

Luckily for us he shared 5 of them that are really crucial and he can’t imagine his day without them.

Before I share you his secret let me tell you what he said in a recent interview.

He said that he has never been sick. He doesn’t even know where the local doctor lives or where’s the hospital.

Avoiding red meat and relying more on organic food and vegetables did pretty well for his life.

He does all the ordinary things he was doing before like reading books and solving crosswords.

This Arizona man said he inherited this secret from his father who was a really disciplined man!

A short resume of the 5 foods he shared with us:

  1. Garlic

This superfood has been used everywhere in the world as one of the best medical herbs.

It’s antibacterial and antiseptic.

These properties work quite well for many people as effective and efficient.

2. Honey

It’s a natural sweetener with wonderful effects.

For all those who can’t live a day without sweets, this 113-year-old man wants you to use it!

3. Cinnamon

Popular in the medicine and all around the world as a food enhancer.

The powder lowers blood cholesterol and prevents diabetes.

4. Chocolate

Or as many of you call it – the food of the gods.

LaPallo uses it as a vital ingredient in having a long life.

Dark chocolate is my favorite!

5. Olive Oil

I could see some of you wait to see whether olive oil is on this list.

You can buy a bottle of beneficial olive oil in the nearest store.

Inherit it in your daily diet and you will feel the difference.


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