Early Symptoms of Brain Strokes That Most People Ignore

Early Symptoms of Brain Strokes That Most People Ignore

But about 10 percent of strokes are occurring to those who have not yet had 45th year and more often women are on higher brain strokes risk than men. In America, in one year more than 100,000 women under age of 65 survive brain strokes. Most Brain strokes occur around the 65th or later.

There are several reasons why women are more at risk than men. Some of the risk factors common to both sexes are smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, said Andrew Stemer, director of the Program for brain stroke from Medtar university Georgetown Hospital.


One factor is pregnancy, especially in the 1/3 part and one week after birth. It has to do with hormonal changes after childbirth because more women are suspended, the flow of blood is slowed and women are more susceptible to the creation of clots.

Oral contraceptives create an increased risk of stroke. Women who have migraine with aura (headaches accompanied by neurological symptoms with flashing to the corner of the eye) also have an increased risk. All these factors together have a cumulative effect on the increase in strokes among women. The most common form, ischemic stroke (which occurs in 80 percent of cases) occurs when the clot prevents sufficient amounts of blood and oxygen to reach the brain. Doctors say, “time is brain”, and that means if you wait longer the damage is higher.

Except a healthy lifestyle, the best defense is to pay attention to early symptoms and see a doctor

Symptoms of Brain strokes

  • You feel weak or pain on one side of the body.
  • A sudden loss of power or feel less on one side of the body, particularly in the hands or feet, is a symptom of stroke. One side of your face mid get stuck and don’t feel the emotions such as when smiling your lips don’t move.

You have a problem when talking

This symptom occurs in several forms. Sometimes speech is fluent, but have trouble to pronounce a word. Others may have difficulty understanding you speaking. We all have moments when we can not remember a word and pronounce it correctly. You should know if this is a coincidence or that this is happening with certain words. But if symptoms appear different from the usual, you need immediate assistance.

Severe headaches

Severe headache occurring in hemorrhagic strokes that occur that vessel is blocked by a clot or bursts. Strokes with bleeding occur less frequently than ischemic strokes, in about 10 to 15 percent of cases but have a high mortality rate.

Vision Lost

If weakness in the limbs and problems with vision occur on one side. But rather than lose the sight in one eye, are more likely to lose the same field of vision in both eyes.

The occurrence of any of these symptoms mean that you should immediately go to the hospital. Excuses as will go tomorrow or sometimes we say it’s just a migraine or something benign, thus miss their chance for rapid treatment of stroke.


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