5 Powerful 5 Minute Morning Rituals That Will Supercharge Your Body, Metabolism and Mind

5 Powerful 5 Minute Morning Rituals That Will Supercharge Your Body, Metabolism and Mind

Practice Your Workouts in the Morning

Doing exercises give you a huge energy boost and healthy and glowing look. Your blood is flowing and your heart is pumping which help you feel alert when you do workouts in the morning.




Wake Up on Time

You are getting stressed, skipping your breakfast, late to work when you actually press the snooze button. According to makeuseof.com recklessness and anxiety can be caused by this terrible morning habit. Do you need a more gradual whistle or you want to get out of your bed with a loud ringing. Many apps are available that works for you, so find the perfect one and stick with it. 10 more minutes of sleep will make your morning stressful.

Have a Cup of Lemon Water

An upset stomach can decrease your energy levels or wreak havoc. A cup of lemon water in the morning will take care of your digestive tract. This powerful morning habit will reduce the risk of diseases, making us less acidic, reset our pH balance, cleanse the body and increase the flow of digestive juices. It also helps in the combat against food carvings.

Read in Bed

Everybody knows that to keep technology out of the out of the bedroom to get a good night’s sleep. The stress from your work and the screens from your lap top and smart phone can also keep you awake. According to telegraph.co.uk it is not a bad idea to do when you get up in the morning. Checking your emails and reading the news is absolutely a good way to wake up your mind.


You may think that you will feel fresh after a long night’s sleep. But because of the positions we nod off in, night’s rest can be really tough. Stretching is the ideal way to loosen and stimulate muscle tissues because sleeping usually stiffens the body. So stretch out your back by getting right into Child’s Pose. Go from top to bottom, beginning with shoulders, neck, quads, chest, calves and hamstrings. It will reduce your tension, stress and increase blood flow


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