She Put A Few Cabbage Leaves On Swollen Feet And Lay Down. That Which Happened In The Morning, You Will Be Amazed

She Put A Few Cabbage Leaves On Swollen Feet And Lay Down. That Which Happened In The Morning, You Will Be Amazed

Cabbage Leaves For Pain Relief

Cabbage isn’t just for slaw and sauerkraut – although those are wonderful uses! Cabbage leaves also have a proven history as a treatment for wounds and swellings. Wraps made of cabbage leaf are very effective in treating various diseases. Diseases such as gangrene, epilepsy, bronchitis, headache, worms, sore throat, and purulent rashes on the body can be treated by this natural remedy.This time you are not going to eat cabbage, instead you will use its leaves for external use.


Here are many reasons for using cabbage leaves:

Cabbage leaves for swelling from various injuries

A sprained ankle not only triggers excruciating pain and swelling, but it can also cause temporary loss of mobility. The ligaments which are located just above the ankle become overstretched or torn, when an individual twists or turns his / her ankle in a clumsy manner while running, walking, climbing stairs or lifting heavy weights (to name a few possible scenarios). There are many different cabbage types, but the most effective for this is red cabbage. For the preparation of coatings you can only use fresh leaves, which are intended to be washed with warm water and dried. Prior to use, leaves only need a moderate heat, and put them on the problematic place. When the leaves are on the sore spot, reinforce with bandage.

Breast pain

Before you use the cabbage leaves to treat your breast engorgement, they need to be cold. So, place a head of cabbage in the refrigerator. You can use green or red cabbage, but red cabbage is more likely to leaves stains or some discoloration on your nursing braand breastfeeding clothing. Pull off two of the inner leaves and place the head of cabbage back into the refrigerator so will be ready the next time you need it. In the sink, use cold water to rinse off the two leaves that you removed. You want to be sure that they are clean and free from dirt, pesticides, and residue. After you rinse the leaves, carefully cut out the stem from the center of each leaf. Once you remove the stem, the leaves will be able to fit nicely over your breasts without covering your nipples. Now, you can place the clean, cold cabbage leaves onto your breasts. Wrap the leaves around your breast, but leave your nipples exposed. If you keep the leaves off of your nipples, it will help the skin around your nipples to stay dry and intact. Hold the cabbage leaves in place on your breasts in the same way you would hold a cold compress. You can leave the cabbage leaves on your breasts for approximately 20 minutes or until they become warm. Then, remove them from your breasts.

Cabbage at earache

Just put cabbage leaves on the ear and in time it will pull off the pain.

 Leaves of fresh cabbage are useful for varicose veins

If Varicose veins are untreated it can lead to serious complications such as thrombosis, open wounds and similar.

Nature offers plenty of herbs that improve circulation and prevent and treat illnesses of varicose veins. The leaves of fresh cabbage are the best compress to treat inflammation of the veins.

For this type of coating requires a great and fresh cabbage, so that leaves are enough large to encompass the surface of the patient places.

In severe headache

Cabbage leaves are an excellent home cure for migraine headaches. A few leaves of cabbage should be crushed and bound in a cloth and tied around the forehead as a bandage at bedtime. This will help the muscles relax and relieve the patient of migraine related headache. This treatment can be taken every time there is migraine attack or even otherwise till the migraine stops.

You can easily ease the pain of a migraine through using a cabbage leaf. A cabbage leaf compress is prepared through placing crushed cabbage leaves on a cloth and then applying it to the forehead. Leave the cloth there until relief comes, however replace the leaves as they dry out.

Cabbage leaves when you have problems with your thyroid gland

Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits near your vocal cords and produces the T3 and T4 hormones that control your metabolism. To make these hormones, your body uses iodine — about 80 percent of the iodine you consume is used by your thyroid. If your diet is deficient in iodine, or you have an underactive thyroid, known as hypothyroidism, eating raw cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage can further suppress your thyroid hormone function.

Thyroid Hyperfunction – is a condition when the thyroid begins to produce large amounts of growth hormones to give a change in the metabolism rate.

To ease the Hyper function – put cabbage leaves on the throat and neck.  Fasten with a scarf to prevent cabbage leaves from moving.


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