The Strongest Drink That Burns Stomach Fat Immediately

The Strongest Drink That Burns Stomach Fat Immediately

The following drink is known as balm and it removes the extra fat and water from the organism, improves the function of the brain, hearing, eyesight and memory.

This drink is consisted from horseradish, unpeeled lemons and honey. You probably already know the health benefits of honey and lemons, but the health benefits of horseradish may be unknown to you. 


Horseradish is a potent and bitter plant with numerous health benefits. It helps in the process of weight loss, reducing the blood pressure, calming the respiratory conditions, firming the bones, strengthening the immune system, promoting healthy digestion and improving heart health. The amazing health benefits and the importance of this plant have been known since the ancient times and today, the whole world uses this plant.

This plant is loaded with nutrients and minerals like dietary fiber, vitamin C, folate, calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium and manganese. It also includes enzymes and oils such as sinigrin, a potent glucosinolate. 

Horseradish contains very low amount of calories, around 6 per serving and has no fat. This means that it is ideal for weight loss.

Fresh roots can be used in each period of the year, if timely placed in moist sand or held in the basement. You can save it in aluminum foil and refrigerate it in a box of vegetables.

If you like your grated horseradish to be kept fresh even after 21 days, combine it with a teaspoon of sugar and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar. The horseradish in well closed jars could stay refrigerated up to 21 days.

Drink Recipe for Weight Loss

  • 125 g of horseradish
  • 3 lemons (you should put them in a container filled with water and one tablespoon of vinegar for 10 minutes in order to eliminate the pesticides)
  • 3 tablespoons of honey


Put 125 grams of horseradish in your blender and blend it well. Don’t peel the lemons, all you need to do is to cut them and remove the seeds, and then put them in the blender. Blend the mixture until it becomes smooth. Then you can add the honey and mix again.

Keep the drink in well closed jar in the refrigerator.


Consume 1 teaspoon of this drink twice a day for three weeks. You should have three meals.


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