20 issues rules that only women can understand ...

20 issues rules that only women can understand ...

At the time of puberty, girls are menstruating happen. This is often a moment expected and feared at a time.
The rules mean many things in the life of a woman. From puberty to menopause, they will rhythm hormonal cycles.
In a woman's period starts every month and each time it is a difficult test to pass.
Here are 20 issues, during menstruation, women around the world face!

1. You can not wash your clothes stained by the rules in the washing machine

2. You become more sensitive

3. It is really painful

4. Always be equipped with a spare towel

5. You feel ugly and dirty

6. You are completely disordered from within

7. You have a button push

8. Your desires become needs

9. You can not wear certain clothes

10. Nothing seems irrational during this perio

11. The rules always come at the wrong time

12. Sometimes the pain is immense that nothing and nobody can help you

13. The rules, it tires

14. It is impossible to stay in a comfortable position

15. The only advantage is that you are not pregnant

16. The bins fill up quickly

17. The nightmare leak

18. The buffers are not really comfortable

19. You wear the famous granny panties

20. You can not do sports during this period

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