DEAR LADY’S!!! Stop Constantly Doing Things Your Vagina Hates!

DEAR LADY’S!!! Stop Constantly Doing Things Your Vagina Hates!

here are so many wacky beauty trends and myths out there, even when it comes to your down there area. Although you would think that people would just accept the way their vagina looks, smells, and feels, they don’t – and then they begin trying new things to try to change stuff, or make stuff “better.” The great thing about this lady bit is that it’s a self-cleaning body part that should be relatively low-maintenance, but people are constantly trying to make it high-maintenance. One thing is for sure: a lot of the stuff you hear that you should do down there will probably do more harm than good. Here are the things you should never, ever do.


You clean too well
Do not use harsh cleaners because they eliminate the good bacteria that protect the vagina and maintain a healthy pH level. Plus, it becomes more prone to irritation. Use warm water and use only your hands, and no hygiene products.

You use feminine hygiene products
Avoid feminine intimate products completely. They are full of fragrances, chemicals, preservatives and dyes that can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions to the extra sensitive vulvar skin. Once again, clean “Her” with water.

You haven’t discovered Vaseline
It is OK to moisturize irritated vulva with basic petroleum jelly such as Vaseline because not only is it cheap and can be found in any drugstore, but most important it doesn’t contain fragrances or alcohol.
Wear cotton underwear or go commando
Our lady bit loves us wearing cotton panties. It allows Her to breathe and absorbs moisture well. When you are at home, you can go commando.

  • You shave or wax

When you shave, you use a razor and then store it in a moist part of the bathroom- ideal for bacteria. It is a “good” way to get an infection the next time you shave. Don’t throw it away; just use a natural shaving lotion with no fragrances or chemicals. The harsh chemicals in depilatories can irritate the sensitive intimate skin, and waxing can burn it,so laser hair removal is the best solutions.

  • Your laundry smells amazing

Choose perfume-less detergents and avoid using fabric softeners and dryer sheets which contain chemicals.

  • Work it out

Kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen the pelvic muscles and enhance sexual responsiveness during intercourse as well as bladder control.

  • Embrace Greek yogurt

Yogurt boosts the live cultures in this area, which is great for preventing infections. Remember to avoid yogurt full of sugar which will make you more prone to the same infections.

  • Always go to your annual exam

In order to maintain good reproductive and sexual health women are advised to visit a gynecologist at least once a year.

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