All women want to have firm and perky breasts, but as they get older, lose weight, get pregnant and go through other changes, they find it difficult to achieve this. Some may think that perky breasts are the exclusive property of eighteen-year-old girls who wear an A cup, but the truth is that there are ways for any woman to get firm and perky breasts, regardless of the age and the bra size. There are many different methods for achieving that, but not all of them give good results. You can find them on the internet, but you should know which of them can regain the plump firmness in your breasts. Let us say that everyone can make their breasts firm and nothing is impossible. You can make your breasts look pretty differently and tight.

There is a home remedy which is highly efficient in tightening the skin on your breasts and making them plump, firm, and much perkier. How To Firm The Breasts

Tip 1:

Breast Exercise Lay on your back on a bench, or on a mat or a bed if you do not have an access to a bench. Use two five-pound weights in each hand. Lift your arms directly above your chest. Next, lower your arms to the sides as far as you can, in the shape of an airplane. Then, lift them up again, back above the chest. Repeat everything. Practice this exercise every alternate day, making three sets of 10 exercises. This will make the muscles under your breasts, in the underarm region and the ones in your upper chest firm. The difference and the improvement will be visible after a month.

Tip 2:

Breast Massage You will need virgin olive oil for this massage. Lie down in your bed and put pillows behind your back. Put some oil in your hands, rubbing them together. Put your hands on your breasts and start making circular motions around both of them and massage them. After ten circles on each breast, you are done with the massage. If there is some excess oil left on your breasts, you can take if off using a towel, but you can also leave some on, as the oil brings back the elasticity to the skin. Repeat the massage every day, or at least three times weekly and your breasts will become firmer. These tips are the best ones for women who want to make their breasts perky and firm. Avoid These Sagging Triggers Wearing bras of inadequate size and ones that do not fit you good Smoking and over-tanning


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