Get Rid Of The Skin Warts Naturally With The Help Of This Homemade Recipe

Get Rid Of The Skin Warts Naturally With The Help Of This Homemade Recipe

Fibroma and skin warts may be very be stressful. They are unattractive and sometimes confused with cancerous tumors. You need to know that they are benign tumors which grow on the skin. We present you a way that can help you to get rid of them.

Fibroma and skin warts

There is no certain place where fibroma can grow. They usually grow inside the mouth, the eyelids, the feet, the ovaries or the nose. When they appear outside, they grow on the place where trauma occurs.


The fibroma that grows on the feet is also called plantar fibroma. They have different shape and size and can be soft or hard.

The soft fibroma is made of skin cells. Many people think of the keloids as fibroma.

The hard fibroma is comprised of connective tissue. In many cases fibroma grows because of a dense scar tissue or after an injury or a trauma.

When can they become a problem?

Sometimes people confuse common warts with fibroma. The bacteria from the family HPV or human papillomavirus may cause warts. They can be transferred among people by skin contact. They can also be transferred if a person who has warts uses a towel or a sponge and someone else uses that towel or sponge.

Many people confuse fibroma with cancerous legions or tumors. They should consult with a doctor. Sometimes fibromas can have negative influence over the blood vessels or the area that surrounds the tumor.

Medical examination

If you think that you have fibroma do not hesitate to visit a doctor. You should also check if the fibroma is affecting the bone, muscles or the blood vessels in that area as well.

Removal process

It is very simple to remove fibroma. In order to do that you need to use apple cider vinegar. It has many health benefits which can help you to have a clear skin without fibroma tumors. The best period to get rid of them is winter, because low light and cool air can create perfect conditions for their removal.

If you want to get rid of them, take a cotton ball and dip it in cider vinegar. Then place the cotton ball on the fibroma and use a bandage to tape the cotton ball. Leave it for 15 minutes and then remove and wipe the excess vinegar from the skin.

The process should be repeated 3 times daily. It is possible that you need to wait a couple of days or weeks for the fibroma to fall. You may notice scabbing and afterwards you can stop with the treatment. The scab will come off naturally.

In order to keep your skin healthy you have to use a lotion with SPF 15 (at least). You can also use coco butter that will reduce the scarring.

Remember that you do not need expensive treatments in order to have clear and beautiful skin. You can achieve that with natural and cheap homemade recipes.


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