Here Is How You Can Pull Out The Ingrown Toenail Without Operation!

Here Is How You Can Pull Out The Ingrown Toenail Without Operation!

The human body creates many things in a natural way that can cause serious problems to your health. Ingrown nail is one of them. The doctors think that this is a chronic disease and it is about the growing of another nail in the skin.

Your ingrown toenail can be caused by the pressure from the ingrown of the nail edges into the skin of your toe. Once the edges of your nail breaks through the skin, it can produce inflammation. It may progress into an infection on your skin and become a serious problem. Ingrown toenails mostly affect the large (great) toes. An ingrown toenail is known in the medicine as onychocryptosis.


ingrown toenail

Ingrown toenail complicates your walking, and you constantly feel pain. Beside the pain, the ingrown toenail looks very bad and can make you feel very uncomfortable, especially in the summer days when you go on your holidays and you wear flipflops. Luckily for you there is a great solution for your problem. Operations can cause a lot of money and they can be very painful too. If you do not want to spend money on operation, here is how you can remove it at home.

Instructions and preparation of the homemade remedy for your toenail:

Put three tablespoons of baking soda in 2 liters of water, and put the mixture on burner. When the water warms up, put your foot with the ingrown toenail into the water in order to relax your skin.

Then place a cotton ball between the skin and the ingrown toenail, and try slowly, using tweezers to remove it. Do not forget to disinfect the cotton wool with antibacterial liquid.


Because you won’t be able to take it off at once, you should repeat the procedure in every 15 days, until you pull out all parts of the ingrown toenail.


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