8 Healthy-Sounding Foods That Aren’t

8 Healthy-Sounding Foods That Aren’t

The word healthy is a mythical quality. Nobody knows what exactly it means to be healthy. Often, myths are dispelled by dieticians regarding healthy food or you will not even believe that some of them are not healthy. Frankly speaking, the notions of healthy and unhealthy food also vary with people. Some people may eat a certain food and live a perfectly healthy life. On the other hand, the same food can cause digestive problems for others. However, despite such varied idea of healthy foods, there are some food items that are often deemed to be healthy and are consumed freely without any health worries. Such is not the case.


A food, often by appearance, seems innocuous and healthy. You will always consider a burger that has cheese dripping from all sides with a fried patty inside it as an unhealthy food. But, you would consider having vegetables a sign of health consciousness. However, the demarcation is not that simple. Rather, even among vegetables, many have high fat content. So, here are so food items whose myth of being healthy will be put to bed here-8 Healthy-Sounding Foods That Aren’t

Dried fruit:you have often thought that fruits may be your friend in need in case of a healthy diet. However, dried fruits have good deal of added sugar and high calorie content in general. So, eat a whole fruit instead of having chopped up dried fruit. The preservatives are also hardly healthy. Often they seem small in amount. But regular consumption can lead to deposition of fat.

Cream of wheat: Often, people believe cream of wheat to be an extremely healthy food because high vitamin and mineral content. However, it hardly has any fibre which is necessary for heart’s functioning. So, if you are doing a diet with it, please add some fibre containing food immediately or your health will worsen. So, an apparently healthy food is not necessarily providing wholesome health.

Baked beans :This is probably the most innocent of all apparently healthy foods. Baked beans are often consumed by so-called health conscious people with slight seasoning. However, improper seasoning totally cancels out its nutritional value. So, think of healthy seasoning options in this case. Stop using bacons as your beans seasoning. Such is the case with salad dressings too. Often they are advertised as fat free and people assume that they are healthy henceforth. They contain extremely high calorie materials. Rather, making vinaigrette by mixing oil and vinegar serves as much healthier solution.8 Healthy-Sounding Foods That Aren’t

Margarine: Margarine was once extremely popular for a strange reason. Since butter was apparently unhealthy, margarine emerged as a healthy alternative. This is probably the biggest and worst myth of all. Margarine has really bad quality Trans fats which can spike up your cholesterol level in no time and puts you at great risk regarding potential heart diseases. You can just stick to your good old butter and stop falling for this alternative trap. Even olive oil or avocado sounds great alternatives, but not margarine.

Products with zero gluten : Once considered as a necessary food item for those who suffer from celiac diseases, these products have become a rage in the market regarding a helpful hand for losing weight. However, this is another myth. These products have pretty high sugar content and contain good deal of saturated fat. The problem with most apparent healthy foods is that they have some benefit- real or mythical. But these benefits are often blown out of proportion to make them appear healthy to the public. This is precisely the case with such foods. So, if you are not having a problem with gluten, you can easily eat normal food items that contain gluten.

Egg substitutes- often, in the mad competition to reduce weight, you eat products that are definitely low on fat content, but hardly add nutrition to the body. Egg substitutes are such a product. Since egg yolk contains huge amount of fat, egg substitutes are supplemental items based on the egg white only. However, that takes away all kinds of nutrients that egg supplies. An egg yolk a day is perfectly natural and safe. But, your obesity worries often make you take such hasty decisions. Such a decision may end up in a certain nutrient deficiency for you and you will surely not feel happy about it.8 Healthy-Sounding Foods That Aren’t

Wraps and sandwich thins : Wraps have less bread and hence, are healthier. If you have had this belief till now, it’s time to think again. While it is true that they are thin and have less bread, they are made with tortilla. This bread has extremely high calorie content. Moreover, wraps are often loaded with cheese from inside which is hardly healthy. Sandwich thins, used as filling, are often thought to be healthy in a similar manner. Since these products are processed, they contain a lot of fillers. So, make sandwich with singular bread and fill the other half with vegetables.

Granola: This is probably a favourite among many as a breakfast item. But, however disheartening it may sound, it has good deal of calories and sugar content that can hardly be considered healthy. So, if you are calorie conscious and still having granola in the morning, you should better know your diet properly. It is better to make your own granola that will help you control the calorie that goes into it in general.

So grab through the list and get to know the not so healthy food which you mislead as healthy for all these years.


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