Scientist Discovers a Cure for Cancer Over 60 Years Ago (They’ve Been Keeping It Secret All This Time!)

Scientist Discovers a Cure for Cancer Over 60 Years Ago (They’ve Been Keeping It Secret All This Time!)

The work of Johanna Budwig was a piece of the assignments for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for six times, and her discoveries beyond any doubt merit the best regard of al. The specialist kicked the bucket in 2003, at 95 years old, and for that time she cured 90% of her tumor patients. 

“I have the response to the tumor, however, American specialists won’t tune in. They come here and watch my strategies and are inspired. At that point, they need to make an exceptional arrangement so they can take it home and profit. I won’t do it, so I’m renounced in each nation, “- Dr. Budwig said.

 The convention includes two phases. The primary comprises of protein-sulfur of quark/cards and omega-3 unsaturated fats from flaxseed oil. As per the specialist, the human body can orchestrate omega-3 fats from flaxseed oil in the right number it needs.

“Without these unsaturated fats, the respiratory proteins can’t work and the individual chokes, notwithstanding when he is given oxygen-rich air. An inadequacy in these very unsaturated fats hinders numerous key capacities. As a matter of first importance, it diminishes the individual’s supply of accessible oxygen. We can’t get by without air and sustenance; nor would we be able to make due without these unsaturated fats, “she clarified.

The Great Remedy

1 container unadulterated quark cheddar (don’t utilize the item produced using homogenized drain)

2-5 tbsp. flaxseed oil, 10 supplement cases, or 1-3 tbsp. newly ground flaxseeds (remember that flax oil and flax seeds must be utilized directly in the wake of being presented to air)

A dash of cayenne

Consolidate the fixings and take the cure in any event once every day. Never utilize a metal spoon. Wooden spoons work fine and dandy for this reason.

Maintain a strategic distance from business mayonnaise

Try not to eat meat that is not natural and range-sustained

Try not to eat spread and margarine

Set yourself up crisp vegetable juices; Use carrots, celery, and red beets

Drink some warm tea thrice a day; Peppermint, rosehip, and grape tea are fantastic decisions. Sweeten your tea with crude and natural nectar.

Avoid high-fructose syrup and other counterfeit sweeteners

May your eating regimen be without substance

Try not to eat prepared nourishments

Use as fewer meds as could be expected under the circumstances

  • Try not to drink sodas
  • Never drink tap and filtered water; Use sans fluoride items
  • Continuously eat newly arranged sustenances
  • Additional tips
  • Guard your flax seed against air, warmth, and light. Utilize icily squeezed and natural item
  • Try not to take angle oil and ensure you get your omega-3 fats from flaxseeds as it were


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