Gargle With One Simple Ingredient And See What Happens To Your Teeth

Gargle With One Simple Ingredient And See What Happens To Your Teeth

Our oral health is of incredible importance to the general wellbeing, so you should take proper care to maintain it and optimize the health of your teeth.

 For best effects, you should use a good quality oil, and this inexpensive treatment will cause no side-effects, but multiple health benefits instead. Due to its positive effects, it has been used for hundreds of years in India, and nowadays, experts recommend it as one of the most effective treatments of multiple different problems with health, especially for oral health.


When it comes to oils, we recommend the use of coconut oil, which is one of the healthiest ingredients you can use, and will additionally boost the effects.

These are some reasons more to try oil pulling with coconut oil to promote oral health:

destroys bacteria and fights gum infections
prevents cavities
does not harm the organism
provides amazing effects for the entire oral cavity
has a mild action
it breaks through the plaque
whitens teeth
This is how to use coconut oil for oil pulling:

In the morning, as soon as you wake up, you should swish a few teaspoons of solid organic coconut oil in the mouth, and let it melt. Keep it for 20 minutes. In the case of severe dental problems or gum infections, you can do it during the day, before meals as well.

Keep it for 20 minutes, which is enough time for the oil to break through bacteria and plaque, but insufficient for the body to reabsorb the toxins again.

Then, just spit it out. Make sure you do not swallow it, as it is loaded with the bacteria and toxins from the mouth.

Next, rinse well with warm water, to remove the remains. In the end, brush your teeth as usually, to remove all bacteria left.


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