Only Three Walnuts A Day Can Do Miracles For Your Health

Only Three Walnuts A Day Can Do Miracles For Your Health

There are numerous recipes which can be prepared of walnuts’ every part. Walnuts can be consumed raw, grind, as an addition to ice cream, different kinds of salads, cookies etc.Walnuts’ kernels are good for pregnant women because they have positive influence on the development of the infant brain. It is also recommended to people who have low blood pressure, children in development, for increasing immunity etc. Walnut leaf tea


It helps in treating acnes, prevents hair loss and it is very useful for diabetics and people with weak nerves.

Fresh walnut leaves can be used as a coating for faster wound healing but they can also be used for preparing strong tea with which you can massage your scalp. This kind of tea can be used for treating inflamed throat, parasites in the intestines, hemorrhoids and for emptying the intestines.

Help in skin problems

Walnut leaves can help in treating skin problems such as scab, excessive sweating of the feet, burns etc. These leaves are also good for getting rid of home ants, cockroaches, moths etc.

People who suffer from stomach ulcer, bile problems or liver problems must not consume walnuts or any kinds of walnut-based recipes.

You can use young green walnuts to prepare syrups, extracts and tinctures



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