Eating healthy will significantly improve your overall lifestyle and wellbeing – it just makes sense!

But where do you start? It’s nice to say you’d like to start eating healthier, but it’s a far leap to actually practicing healthy choices.

Dieting is a far cry from beginning your new-you lifestyle. But with so many “lose weight fast” diets, it’s hard not to fall for the new diet craze in an attempt to get fit and change your diet forever.


Why Don’t Diets Work?

It’s really simple actually; cutting out all the foods you love only increases your cravings for them and it won’t be long before you fall back into old habits.

Our body is made up of many complicated systems and the harmful toxins present in our bodies can pose a threat to the way they work.

We unfortunately take in toxins on a daily basis, from pesticides and other chemicals to GMOs, in the foods we eat and the air we breathe.

So the first thing you absolutely need to do before changing your nutritional habits is a detox to cleanse your body of all those toxins.

Why Choose a Detox Cleanse?

Our body deals with harmful toxins that accumulate in the body by putting them into our fat tissue. To our internal systems, it’s the only way to rid the toxins from our blood system, thus keeping them away from our vital organs.

But now they’re fat. Doesn’t sound productive to weight loss and living a healthy life, does it?

Now that these toxics have built up in our body, when we try to diet and count calories, the toxicity levels increase in our body. This causes us to put back on the weight and go back to an unhealthy lifestyle.

By starting you’re your healthy diet changes with a detox, you are able to rid your body of these toxins and start with a fresh slate. Your body will be balances, cleaning out the excess fat, and keeping your body from craving those unhealthy junk foods.

Foods to Eat on a Detox

An easy place to start a detox is with some delicious juices. Another easy start is to ditch sugary drinks that contain way too many ingredients. Opt for refreshing infused water instead to boost your detox.

Clearing your kitchen of processed foods full of chemicals is a definite must. Replace your cupboards with whole foods (preferably organic) such as nuts, fruit, veggies, grains, herbs and spices, fish, beans, and quality meat.

How Long Should You Detox?

The ideal time period is 28 days, but you can try from 3-28 to gradually work your way up. Once you’re use to eating healthy food choices, the transition to a nutritional diet will come much more naturally.

If you want to start changing your diet as soon as possible, a 2-4 week detox is a good start. After the initial cleanse, you should continue to detox once or every couple of months to a few times a year.


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