Tell Us Where Your Mole is And We Will Tell you Your Destiny: Check Yours Now!

Tell Us Where Your Mole is And We Will Tell you Your Destiny: Check Yours Now!

According to Chinese astrology, the location of the mole on the body enables us to find out someone’s personality, state of mind, health and future. This method is used by the Chinese in medicine, according to Daily Mail. Chinese astrologists believe that the Qi (Chi) energy in the body is active in different periods and the peak of this energy results in a healthy mole. During the teenage period the number of moles increases, in the pregnancy period they can darken, and after 40 years of age, they can slowly disappear.



A mole at the middle of the forehead points out to someone who has authority issues and does not agree with superiors or parents. A mole on the sides of the forehead is a characteristic of a focused and energetic person.


If the mole is hidden under the eyebrows, it symbolizes affluence. The mole which “hides” is a sign for even greater wealth. If the mole is above the eyebrow, it means that you will have a constant flow of money in your life.


A mole on the eyelid symbolizes quarrels in the family and constant loss of money. If the mole is under the eye it points out to overemotional people.


This mole is a characteristic of lonely people and those who cannot settle down and form a family. If the mole is close to the nose as it was in Merlin Monroe, it may point out to misfortune.


In Chinese astrology the eyes symbolize character, and therefore if there is a mole on the ears then we are talking about a good person with good reputation. A mole inside of the ears means longevity, on the top of the ear-intelligence, and a mole on both ears is a sign of influence.


A mole on the top of the nose points out to love problems and instability, whereas a mole on the bridge of the nose symbolizes trouble. This is a characteristic of workaholics as well. A mole on the sides of the nose may be related to people who know their way with money.


This is a stubborn and persistent person and also symbolizes someone with a desire for change or travelling.


If the mole is above the upper lip it is a symbol of a privileged life whereas a mole under the lower lip means that your children will lead a successful life.


The neck, according to Chinese astrology, connects the spiritual and body life. A mole located on the neck may stop the energy flow and leads do disappointment. If the mole is on the middle of the neck than it points out to a person with a “wild” character which can harm close ones.


A mole on the forearm is a characteristic of compassionate people, and if the mole is on the upper parts of the arm it means that you have a way with money.


The mole found in the breast area symbolizes power and high position in society or in profession. If the mole is on the nipples, it means that your children will be successful in life.


The closer the mole is to the navel the more happiness in life.


Moles on the palms suggest that these people are very skilful and can earn good.


People who have moles on their back usually carry big burdens in their lives. They work hard so the success is inevitable, but they need more time to accomplish it.


People with moles on their legs are bold in bed and like to experiment. If the moles are located on the back part of the lower leg parts, than this is a sign of sport injuries, and, if the moles are on the knees-money.


Good leaders and people who contribute to the world with good acts.


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