Excellent Natural Remedy To Heal The Sunburn Overnight

Excellent Natural Remedy To Heal The Sunburn Overnight

Here is the easiest and surprisingly effective method to eliminate an unpleasant sunburn.

This easy but fantastic remedy will help you remove the sunburn.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll feel a lot, much better.heal-sunburn 

For this treatment, you will need:


  • Three bags of black tea
  • Bathtub
  • Pitcher
  • Water
  • Rag

Very first undress if you don’t would like to get any of your clothing wet. Then fill the pitcher with tepid to warm water and put the teas bags of black tea inside it. When the water is cooled to some warm temperature, soak the rag within the tea and dab it about the sunburn but do not wipe it off. Leave the tea on your skin and let this be absorbed.

Whenever it dries entirely, re-apply if you want it, however, don’t clean it away. If you do this treatment before bedtime, you tend to be free concerning sleeping, and you’ll give it time for you to work its magic. Each morning, you could get a bath. After this particular, the sunburn ought to be all eliminated or substantially diminished. Keep in mind one point: as soon while you apply the actual black tea once you get the real sunburn, the quick and much more efficient, the real remedy is going to be.

You may also use the tea bags rather than a rag, and also to cover the sunburn together. Share your experience with this particular remedy or a few else.

Source: Living Healthy Corner

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