Why You Need to Eat More Dark Chocolate



Chocolate has been put into so many foods and mixed with so many other ingredients to make sweet desserts that somehow it got a reputation for being too much of an indulgent treat than a regular, healthy food.

Today a huge number of studies are proving that the cocoa in chocolate should be a health-boosting part of your diet. You need to start eating more chocolate now, and let us tell you why.

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Top 10 Things Why Fast Foods Are Unhealthy

Most people love fast food like bees love honey. In recent times, we have seen the increase of junk food dramatically. Junk food contains more tasty elements than healthy elements.


First basic necessity for a human being is health. In olden days people used to live more than 100 years healthily, but apparently that is not the case these days.Actually speaking, fast food has been very fattening. The production process involved in creating fast food added a lot of greasy and fat content to foods. They are quick but at the same time they spoil our health at a faster rate.

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10 Best Natural Antibiotics

“Did you know that:

  • 49% of acute liver failures are due to acetaminophen (Tylenol) poisoning?
  • There are 2.2 million adverse drug reactions annually?
  • There were 10,000 SIDS deaths following vaccinations?
  • There are 20 million unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions annually?” 
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