If You See A Woman Carrying This Small Black Device, This Is What It Means?

If You See A Woman Carrying This Small Black Device, This Is What It Means?


It is a device the same size as a watch and can be a life saver.
Often talked about as “Athena” and is still in a stage of crowdfunding in order to be brought to the market.

Many people are attacked and assaulted worldwide and this device is a protection device in order to keep you from any harm happening to you.


How it works ? 
If in any case you get attacked and there is no way to make that 911 phone call this devise will automatically send an alarm the company boasts is “louder than a freight train”.

It also sends an SOS to your close ones and friends.
The SOS can be crucial for your relatives or friends to react in time and call the police to head towards you right ahead.

Don’t worry about the sensitivity of the device if you accidentally touch it (which can really a trouble if it would have often), because the inventors have come to a solution: the button is sunken in a bit and this prevents accidental triggering and what is more you have to hold the button pressed for three seconds at least.
The gadget is really appealing to ladies and even men, and without carrying a weapon.

“Ladies may not have to change their way of life, adjust their conduct, or hold other defensive gadgets to secure themselves. We will likely make a general public where that is a reality.”
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