The Scientifically Best Way to Kiss

The Scientifically Best Way to Kiss

So while perusing through some things of interest, I located a YouTube video from BuzzFeedBlue about kissing!

Now, I love everything to do with kissing …

the health benefits, the feelings it instills …


But sometimes you can get let down by a kiss even when it’s from someone you’re dating!

First off, I wanted to share some benefits of kissing with you …

1.helps reduce blood pressure
2.zaps cramps & headaches
3.fights cavities
4.amps up your “happy hormones”
5.burns (a few) calories
6.boost self-esteem
7.can help give a facelift (can shape neck and jawline)

Reader’s Digest added a few more …

1.boosts immunity
2.helps pick best mate 
3.naturally relaxes you

So with all of these wonderful benefits, it’s no wonder this has become a subject worthy of studying! According to the below video, 59% of students reported that their initial attraction “ended after a less than stellar first smooch” 


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