Personality Test: What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality

Personality Test: What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality

Namely, with the help of this little test you can easily find out which type is your sleeping position and read something you did not know about yourself, what Mother Nature has given to you.

So to not prolong more, remember how you sleep, look at the pictures if you prefer, and go straight to finding your position!


The Fetal position

If you are sleeping in the fetal position – you have a warm and open heart. This is a position in which the child is in the womb – lying on one side, the knees are raised to the chest and arms are hugging the knees. The more guttered the arms are – you need more comfort.

Although the people who are sleeping in this position may seem hard from the outside, they are actually quite “soft” and insecure. At first they can be a little cold, but once you get to know them better, they become warm and accessible.

Surely you’ve heard the expression “sleeping like a log.” When it is not a firm sleeping, then it come the position in which most people are sleeping, right after the fetal position. In this position the person lies on one of the hips, and the arms are flat against the body on both sides.

People who are sleeping in this position are usually open and friendly and like to appear as cool people who are following the latest trends. Even though usually they are the “soul of every party,” sometimes they are a bit over naive and are easily giving their trust to others, this is why sometimes they end up disappointed.

This is a position in which the body of the sleeper is straight, the person is lying on his back and the both arms are extended down, along the body.

People who are sleeping in this position, which does not seem like the most comfortable one, are often shy, quiet and reserved. They love order and high standards, and are expecting the same from the others.

In this position the sleeper is lying on his back, and his arms and legs are separated and spread out. It reminds of a starfish with 5 spokes.

These people are very open, self-confident and happy and they get along very well with other people. Most often they are quite childish and they trust and help even those who maybe shouldn’t. Nevertheless, the people who sleep like a starfish are excellent listeners and people love to confide their secrets to them.

Free fall
People who are sleeping in the “free fall” position are lying on their stomach, and their hands are spread to the side and bent at the elbows to the head. This is physically the least comfortable position for sleeping.

These people have the feeling that they have less control over their lives than all the others. They’re fun and great company for the parties.

The “Yearning” position
About a quarter of the people are sleeping in this position, in which the both arms are extended in front of the body, which is turned to one side, the hands are usually clasped together and remind of the position of the hands in prayer.

These people are either trying to realize their dreams or they are persecuting them. They are the worst critics for themselves and always are expecting the best results.


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