Photos: She Woke Up And Noticed A Small Hole In Her Chest. Days Later, It Pops. Hear Her Warning

Photos: She Woke Up And Noticed A Small Hole In Her Chest. Days Later, It Pops. Hear Her Warning

having a heart condition can be one of the most difficult things to deal with on a daily basis in typical daily life. When the main organ keeping you alive is not working, there is always a call for concern.

Gemma Bosankon had been struggling with her heart ever since she started experiencing cardiac seizures, which would cause her heart to stop for up to 20 seconds.

These seizures would occur up to three times a day.


Gemma was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope, and had a heart monitor, along with a pacemaker installed to stop the seizures.

At first, the pacemaker was not working at all, so after the 2008 installation, she had to get it replaced in 2009. In addition, Gemma was given a hear monitor in 2012 to further understand the way her heart was operating.

About three weeks after having installed the heart monitor though, Gemma noticed a small hole in her chest when she woke up one morning.

She tried putting a plaster on it before work, but that did not do much to help. In fact, the hole kept getting worse!

The pacemaker was pushing itself out from her chest, and it would even get caught on her bra!

“There was quite a hole. My skin had started to eat away at itself and you could see the heart monitor box”

This was not the end of her struggle though, as due to her heart condition, this caused Gemma to stray from exercising out of fear for her heart.

“I stopped exercising when I got my pacemaker. I was scared my heart would stop and my pacemaker wouldn’t kick in. I put on three and a half stone and was wearing a size 16.”

Within a short while though, Gemma joined a fitness group and started exercising, and soon was down to a size eight!

Ms. Bosankon is now to be married to football coach Andrew Marshall, and even was able to complete the 13.1 mile Great North Run (twice!) with her twin

Out of the many recovery stories that have been heard, this one is definitely a miraculous one, and shows that with faith and endurance, anything can be possible.


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