Discovers She Is Pregnant Few Hours Before Giving Birth

Discovers She Is Pregnant Few Hours Before Giving Birth

Discovers she is pregnant few hours before giving birth, how is this possible? This is unbelievable, 21 year old Belinda Waite had accused various abdominal pain in the past nine months, which doctors had attributed to a form of irritable bowel. Other symptoms, such as swollen legs and arms had been explained as a form of allergy.

Doctors thought everything was OK until the girl has not gone to the hospital. She suffered from severe abdominal pain.


Doctors at the hospital, with relative ease made their diagnosis: she was in fact pregnant, nine months and those “abdominal pain” were nothing more than labor pains.

Few hours later, the girl was in the delivery room to give birth to a girl of just over 4 kg, in good health. Waite have taken none of the precautions usually recommended to future mothers, which makes it eve more miraculous.

Belinda then told: “I had the feeling that something was moving inside me, in recent months. But I had never considered the idea of being pregnant, and it seems that even the doctors have imagined it. ” She added: “Of course it is a huge shock for me and my boyfriend, but we are very happy.


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